Quinoa grains and amaranth grains look so comparable that you just marvel if they’re actually the identical product.

They do come from the identical household of vegetation and nutritionally they’re fairly comparable however there are variations.

Each of south American origins the Aztecs grew amaranth as a staple meals whereas the incas grew quinoa. The rising situations wanted for each are precisely the identical. Actually they each develop nicely in troublesome situations and poor soil. Their indigenous rising location was at excessive altitude within the mountains. In trendy instances they’re grown within the USA and South America and with improved rising situations each vegetation are simple to provide. They crop three – 6 months from sowing amaranto10.com.

The two principal variations from a culinary perspective are:-

Dimension of the grains

Amaranth seeds are fairly a bit smaller than quinoa grains. They arrive in the identical colors of white, cream, crimson or black though I’ve to say I’ve solely ever seen the white and cream accessible within the retailers. You’d most likely should develop your personal to get the others. They’re higher for thickening soups and casseroles as they virtually disappear in lengthy cooking instances. The looks of each grains is comparable they usually each have the acquainted “tail” after cooking. (strive it and see)


Quinoa has a coating of saponins which have a bitter style. these should be rinsed off earlier than cooking. Amaranth doesn’t have these saponins and so doesn’t want the identical degree of preparations. The coating of those saponins has been an issue in getting quinoa onto the dinner plate of the western world. Within the final three or four years producers have been prewashing the quinoa in order that now you normally don’t must pre-wash the quinoa.

To summarise, Each these grains have virtually equivalent dietary profiles. The smaller dimension of the amaranth grain will lend itself to the soups, curries and casseroles kind of dishes. The quinoa grain will all the time be higher for salads and stir fry dishes the place the quinoa can nonetheless be seen in addition to eaten.

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